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All Bemco chambers, systems, services, and parts can be acquired by direct payment in US Dollars, by purchase order (on approval of credit), or by credit card.

For large purchases, progress payments based on identifiable milestones or monthly progress are usually requested. Smaller purchases are available to buyers with good credit on Terms. A suggested purchase order form can be downloaded here. All purchases are subject to Bemco's Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please request a copy when placing your order.

Visa CardMastercardAmerican Express CardBemco accepts Master Card, VISA, and American Express up to the approval limit of your card. There is a $50.00 minimum on all Credit Purchases.

Bemco Custom Systems

Custom systems can have any set of features within Bemco's extensive capabilities. We often integrate other manufacturer's equipment with our own to provide a turn-key processing or testing solution. Besides offering any conceivable combination (except perhaps Sand and Dust and Rain - we do have a sense of humor! - we have made a mud slurry and temperature chamber) of the various Environmental Test Equipment and Systems that we offer, we also provide turn-key, integrated testing and processing solutions.

Request a Quotation As you can see by looking at our "History" page, we have done it all. Rain, wind, multi-axes vibration, shock, hydraulic vibration, temperature, humidity, altitude, vacuum, thermal vacuum, hyperbaric (below site pressure), base plates, radiation shrouds, sun, snow, freeze, thaw, fluids, explosion, thermal baths, optical, sound, centrifuges, ovens, lasers, sand, dust, mud, salt fog, gasses, solar aging, and we have integrated every imaginable instrument and system including data loggers, product carriers, card guides, racks, power supplies, connectors, cabling, wiring, fuses, bus bars, power supplies, mother boards, product load boards, circuit boards, hydraulic power units, dynamometers, refrigeration, fluid chillers, conveyors, medical processing equipment, desiccant driers, HEPA filters, heaters of all types, flow monitoring equipment, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, optical instruments, sensors, clean rooms, vibrators, programmers, product instrumentation, recorders and so on. The list is almost endless. Let us know what you've got. We can do it!

Bemco Stainless Steel Exterior Temperature ChamberBemco PCL Series Liquid ChillerBemco P700XL Salt Spray Chamber

All of Bemco's standard products and most custom systems are available with stainless steel exteriors optimized for installation in a clean room or medical facility. Please request a quotation.

In addition, we integrate all types of instrumentation including Programmable Logic Controls (PLC's) and Host Software. When asked for a recommendation, we prefer Allen Bradley due to their wide selection of hardware and matched software and our extensive experience with these systems.

Bemco B-Quick Shipment

Standard chambers available on the B-Quick Shipment Program are:

FB1.5V Compact Temperature Chamber
Compact, Wide Range, Temperature Chamber, Mechanically Cooled. Range -73 to 177 C
F8 Temperature Chamber 8, 16, and 27 Cubic Foot Workspace Volume, Wide Range, Temperature Chambers. Mechanically Cooled.
LDF8 Expendable Refrigerant Temperature Chamber LDF8, 16 & 27 8, 16, and 27 Cubic Foot Workspace Volume, Wide Range, Temperature Chambers. LN2 Cooled. Roll around support bases are optional.
FW30 Temperature/Humidity Chamber FW30 30 Cubic Foot, Glass Door, Temperature/Humidity Chamber, Direct RH Sensor and Dry Air Injection.
FW8 Temperature/Humidity Chamber FW8, 16 & 27 8, 16, 27 Cubic Foot Workspace Volume, Wide Range, Temperature/Humidity Chambers, Direct RH Sensor and Dry Air Injection.

These chambers are either available for immediate shipment from stock or are shortly available on an improved delivery schedule since their cases and principal components are in stock. Request a quotation on the models you are interested in. Click on the model number to go to the page that outlines the characteristics of the model in question.

Bemco Lease - Rent Program

All Bemco chambers and systems are available for Lease or Rent. Leasing offers the advantages of lower initial cost, conservation of capital and credit lines, and a known operating fixed cost. We bear the costs of any repairs. You don't need a large down payment and you can match what you lease or rent to your current project or production loading. In addition, rentals and leases can keep assets off your balance sheet and improve productivity ratios.

Minimum lease periods for "Standard" chambers start at 6 months and for custom chambers start at 12 months. Month to month Rentals of "Standard" or reconditioned chambers are offered starting at a 3 month minimum commitment. Depending on current stock, large or unusual systems may be available under this program.

Equipment Trade-ins

Bemco sometimes accepts equipment, in good condition and subject to inspection, of its own manufacture including Bemco, Conrad, Missimer, and Conrad/Missimer products in trade against new purchases of equipment of greater value or against new extended leases of more than 12 months.

Provided that the equipment is in very good to excellent condition, is originally properly designed, and currently has residual value; Bemco also accepts equipment of other manufacturers of environmental equipment and instruments commonly used in testing against purchases of new equipment of greater value, or against new extended leases of more than 12 months.

Request a QuoteIf you have equipment you would like us to evaluate as a possible trade-in, please submit details including model number, serial number, year of manufacture, a general description, a list of any installed accessories, and the amount you hope to receive in trade, together with a list of the equipment you are interested in receiving from us. We will promptly arrange for an evaluation. You can request this analysis by clicking on the button at left or you can contact us by Fax, Telephone, or Mail.

Refurbished Equipment

Bemco offers a limited quantity of refurbished used equipment selected for its quality. This equipment is either in excellent condition or is fully rebuilt, carefully tested, and certified as completely functional. This equipment comes with an as new Warranty supported by our skilled team of professional Service technicians.

Our refurbishment process includes replacement with actual original components or current standard components where appropriate. Systems are tested to original specifications and all defective or marginal devices are replaced or repaired.

Sometimes we have quality instruments, power supplies, or components such as refrigeration compressors available

The available equipment varies. Many of these systems come from our leasing program and have limited hours of actual use. Click here for a current list, contact your Bemco Applications Engineer with your needs, or you can contact us by Fax, Telephone, or Mail.

Bemco Test Laboratory

Our test laboratory, Bemco TL, supports our customers with testing, research, and engineering. Bemco TL offers climatic testing, salt spray testing, space simulation testing, and custom testing programs optimized to your needs.

Environmental testing services available include:

Burn-in and Product Aging
Vacuum, High Vacuum, Altitude
Space Simulation, Thermal Vacuum
Salt Spray

Go to Bemco Test LabMany testing laboratories all over the World use our equipment. These laboratories are often your best choice when your testing needs include certifications to UL, FCC, CE, CSA and similar specifications. Bemco TL specializes in long run production testing, custom setup and complex fixturing environmental testing, fluid and gas flow testing, and vacuum, high vacuum, altitude, space simulation, and thermal vacuum testing.

If you would like us to look at your application, please click on the link and download an Applications Engineering form or contact us by Fax, Telephone, or Mail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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