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Standard technical and engineering support is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday, except for holidays, by calling (805) 583-4970 or by Email to service@bemcoinc.com. Our technical support group can help you with troubleshooting, service, parts, preventative maintenance, calibration, retrofits and upgrades of our own Bemco, Missimer, Conrad, and Conrad/Missimer products as well as products of other manufacturers. Bemco has full time field service, parts, and test technicians available, in emergencies, on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis.

Standard Warranty

Bemco and Conrad/Missimer for 75 YearsAll Bemco manufactured equipment is covered by our "Standard Limited Warranty." This warranty is very straight forward and clear. We absolutely stand behind the equipment we make. Because of modern litigation, we must be careful to phrase our warranty as "Limited." Our current customers know how far we are willing to go to make them happy. Our reputation for excellence extends to our service department.

One of the basic reasons we have so many loyal customers who return to us again and again is our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work.

Our Standard Limited Warranty is:

Bemco warrants the products of its manufacture be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year after the date of shipment from its factory. Labor if required, to repair the product is covered for the first 90 days after shipment. If the location of the equipment is within 200 miles of Bemco’s Simi Valley Factory, then travel and per diem is also covered for the first 90 days. If the location is greater than 200 miles from Bemco’s Simi Valley Factory, and the product is not returned for service, travel and per diem is an additional charge.

Obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of any part of Bemco’s manufacture found to be defective at the time of shipment from factory. Expendable items such as window glass, batteries, or filters are not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not include replacement of window glass, other expendable items, repainting, repair of damaged sheet metal, instrument calibration, lubrication, routine maintenance, or any service and/or parts required as a result of negligent operation or handling. It is limited to correction of defects in materials and workmanship discovered and reported to Bemco in writing within the warranty period.

Bemco will not be liable for any consequential damage resulting from the use or misuse of Bemco products nor for any loss of profits or any other special damages. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and all other obligations or liabilities including the warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or use.

Factory and Field Service

Bemco factory and field service is available throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico for all Bemco, Conrad, Missimer, and Conrad/Missimer products. Field service is also offered to repair or upgrade products of other manufacturers.

Request Service

Bemco's factory trained service technicians travel to your facility. We are equipped to repair, upgrade, or service any environmental chamber, walk-in chamber, drive-in chamber, vacuum system, thermal vacuum system, space simulator, fluid conditioning system, or gas circulating system of any manufacturer. In other countries, field service is available on a country by country basis. Please request a Field Service Price List from your Bemco Service Representative. If you wish to request service by Email, you can use the Request Service button above. You may wish to review the form instructions below.

"B-Ready" Service Plans

Bemco's B-Ready Service Plans are offered as a convenience to our customers. They offer the advantages of assured routine maintenance, predictable cost of ownership, and enhanced equipment reliability and safety. Two plans are offered:

B-Ready 1 This plan includes: Regular bi-annual, preventative maintenance including labor, travel, and expenses; A 20% discount on our published labor rates on the covered equipment; A 10% discount on all replacement parts; And priority treatment on all service requests on the covered equipment.
B-Ready 2 Includes all of the features of B-Ready 1 plus full coverage on all labor, travel, and expenses required for any repair during the Agreement Period and factory stocking of an agreed rapid response parts kit in Level P1 or P2, see Parts below.

We also offer customized plans optimized to your specific needs. B-Ready plans are in addition to the Standard Bemco Warranty.

Product Upgrades

Bemco offers a wide variety of product upgrades and retrofits for existing Bemco, Conrad, Missimer, and Conrad/Missimer equipment as well as for environmental test, vacuum, thermal vacuum, fluid circulation, gas circulation, and space simulation systems made by other manufacturers.

Some of the most popular upgrades are:

Refrigerant Substitution Modern, easily obtainable and environmentally friendly refrigerants are substituted for older refrigerants and the system is adjusted for the new fluids.
Control Instrumentation Digital, microprocessor based programmable solid state controls with RS-485 communications are substituted for older instruments and the system is re-tuned for the new instruments.
HMI Installation Programmable Logic Controls (PLC's) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI's) are substituted for older electrical control systems to fully optimize the equipment for a particular test protocol or process.
Refrigeration Upgrade Refrigeration compressors, cascade heat exchangers, evaporator coils or other refrigeration components are replaced to "freshen" an older piece of equipment.
Subsystem Addition New capabilities are added to existing equipment to match changing requirements. Examples include humidification systems, desiccant drier assemblies, purge systems, different types of vacuum pumps, and additional instrumentation or monitoring systems.
Safety Controls Factory Mutual Approved high temperature or high and low temperature safety systems or internal gas composition monitoring and alarm systems are added.
Product Fixturing Product specific holding fixtures, monitoring electronics, data acquisition systems, or automation are added to existing systems to optimize them for a specific process or test.
Servo Preparation The entire conditioning systems in larger chambers are replaced by a Bemco PTS or HPG Portable Temperature Servo Conditioner. The existing system is prepared for the installation.
System Refresh The entire equipment is inspected and restored to present day standards of repair and performance to allow its continued efficient and cost effective use.

If you would like us to look at another manufacturer's equipment and have drawings, photographs, written specifications, or details of your system, please attach them to your Email, Mail, or Fax.


We maintain an extensive parts inventory for Bemco, Conrad, Missimer, and Conrad/Missimer products. We can often supply original equipment or upgraded parts for other manufacturer's equipment, either from our stock or from the ready inventory of our suppliers.

Request Parts

If you need parts, either for one of our systems or for a system made by another company, you can contact us directly - ask for the "Parts Department," or you can use the form offered here. See the form instructions below. In addition to parts, we also offer subassemblies and manufactured subsystems for competitor's products such as Bemco's exclusive high reliability Coaxial Cascade Heat Exchanger.

Bemco's B-Ready Parts Plans are also offered as a convenience to our customers. Each kit is a ready supply of critical parts either stocked at our factory or at your facility to assure that critical programs, processes, and systems stay on line or are down for an absolute minimum of time in the event of a part failure:

B-Ready P1 Includes a parts kit with all common near-expendable items such as fuses, lights, and filters plus at least one of all relatively inexpensive components that may fail such as switches, relays, and heaters.
B-Ready P2 Includes all of the B-Ready P1 parts kit plus at least one of all critical, sometimes expensive, long lead major components or their repair kits. Components of this type include compressors, vacuum pumps, process controls, process sensors, logic controls, displays and so on. Each kit is optimized to the equipment in question.


We also have documentation, including original production "mark-up drawings" on all modifications made by us to any product of our manufacture. Original manuals on almost all Bemco manufactured systems since the early 50's and a large proportion of all Conrad, Missimer, and Conrad/Missimer systems are available. Please request manuals from our Parts Department.

Bemco's Request Forms
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We look forward to hearing from you.

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