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With the advanced features of the Bemco mechanically refrigerated F Series Chambers, these humidity systems include both a standard desiccant drier and direct humidity sensor so that you can reliably test at both high and low humidities.

Both narrow range (FWN), -28 C to +177 C (-20 F to 350 F) and wide range (FW) -73 C to + 177 C (-100 F to +350 F) models are available.

Narrow Range (FWN) models, without accessories, start at:


Wide Range (FW) models, without accessories start at:

FW16 $23,341
FW27 $25,190
FW64 $37,601

Standard Bemco FW Series chambers up to 27 cubic feet workspace volume, are available on the "B-QUICK" ship plan.

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FW Literature PDF

FW Literature PDF

FW Series Humidity Chambers

The Bemco FW Series of mechanically cooled Glass Door Humidity Chambers have a a temperature range of -28 C to +177 C (-20 F to 350 F) or -73 C to +177 C (-100 F to 350 F) and a humidity range of up to 5% RH to 95% RH (see the Chart below).

These chambers feature direct dry air injection and direct humidity sensors. They operate without dewpoint limit from 5% RH to 95% RH over the range of 30 C to 85 C and even allow operation at 20% RH at 5 C and 50% RH at -14 C!

FW8-73/177C Wide Range Temperature Chamber, FrontFW8-73/177C Wide Range Temperature Chamber, Side View

Based on the F Series of Temperature Chambers, these chambers provide a reliable very low and very high humidity testing platform with a compact floor footprint. Both the narrow and wide range models are housed in the same package.

30" 30" 30" 70" 52" 65" 1300
36" 36" 36" 76" 58" 71" 1500
48" 48" 48" 88" 70" 85" 2500

Interior Height
Interior Width
Interior Depth
Exterior Height
Exterior Width
Exterior Depth
Shipping Weight, lb

For "Code D," above, Exterior Height, add approximately 10 inches near the rear of the workspace for fan motors on the FW27 and FW64. All standard systems except the FW64 have air cooled condensing on the refrigeration systems. FW64 chambers have water cooled refrigeration systems.


RH vs Temperature ChartChamber air is recirculated by a high volume, stainless steel axial fan discharging through a hinged rear mounted diffuser baffle to create a uniform environment around your test objects.

The fan is driven by a vertically mounted motor with dual ball bearing races, connected by a large diameter extended stainless steel shaft.

A proportionally controlled single compressor refrigeration system cools the workspace on the Narrow Range System (FWN) and a cascade two compressor system (one refrigeration system cools another) cools the workspace on the Wide Range System (FW). Both types of refrigeration systems utilize modern environmentally friendly refrigerants. The systems include automatic hot gas bypass and suction cooling unloading.

Fast-response open type heaters, located behind a radiation baffle, raise chamber temperature as required.

Chamber humidity is increased by a Bemco mass transfer vapor generator with a sight glass, a low water cutoff, and automatic drain freeze protection. The vapor generator can be shutoff and drained when very low humidity control is desired.

Chamber humidity is decreased by the direct injection of -73 C (-100 F) dew point dry air produced by a dual bed regenerative compressed air drier furnished with an isolation valve, an inlet particulate and coalescing filter, and an outlet filter regulator.

Water and air connections are located at the rear of the chamber.

Safety Systems and Electrical Wiring

FW27 Chamber All systems have thermal and current sensors on the compressor, charging valves, and a sight glass as well as numerous safety and reliability protection systems for dependable operation. All electrical wiring meets the United States National Electric Code. UL and CSA approved components are used where possible.

An FW64 right side view is shown in the illustration. Notice the two extra optional access ports on the chamber right side, the overhanging front door to allow flush cart loading and the controls mounted on the side to limit the possibility of water dripping on them when the door is opened. Because the photo is small, you can not quite see the standard door drip trough located directly beneath the chamber door.


The FW Series includes a continuously heliarc welded 304 Series stainless steel liner with high temperature fiberglass insulation. No asbestos is used in chamber construction. The outer case is fabricated from cold rolled steel finished in Bemco Blue.

The FW Series also includes:


The FW Series is furnished with a two channel, microprocessor based, programmable 1/4-DIN, solid state, 256-step ramping controller which includes a 4-line LCD interface display, and a large red LED display.

Temperature inside the chamber is sensed by a precision thermocouple.

Humidity is sensed by a direct reading electronic humidity sensor accurate to + or - 2% RH over the dew point temperature range of -20 C to 85 C (-4 F to 185 F). This sensor is mounted through a sleeve located on the roof near the left side of the door.


On Narrow Range Chambers (N), cooling rate from 23 C (+73 F) to -35 C (-31 F) is approximately 45 minutes, or 2 C (3.6 F) / minute. Average heating rate from 23 C (+73 F) to +177 C (350 F) is 3.4 C (6.2 F) / minute, both with the chamber empty.

On Wide Range Chambers, cooling rate from 23 C (+73 F) to -73 C (-100 F) is approximately 55 minutes, or 1.7 C (3.2 F) / minute. Average heating rate from 23 C (+73 F) to +177 C (350 F) is 3.4 C (6.2 F) / minute, both with the chamber empty.

+ or - 1 C (+ or - 1.8 F) guaranteed control, + or - 0.15 C (+ or - 0.25 F) typical.

Humidity 5% RH to 95% RH, see chart. 95% RH at 85 C (185 F) maximum.

Optional Equipment

Optional Instruments

Available instrument options include:

Available Literature Includes:

FW Temperature/HumidiFW Literature PDF Bemco FW Series, Glass Door Temperature/Humidity Chambers. Document is triple fold front and back, 2 pages, 353 KB download.

The systems described above are our Standard Models. We make custom equipment to your specifications.  If you have any questions, need assistance in preparing a specification, or have a technical problem you want help with, we are ready.  Our quotations and advice are free.

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