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At Bemco, visitors are always welcome. Our normal office working hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Our application engineering staff are normally available for consultation starting at 7:15 AM and ending at 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Bemco is closed on certain National Holidays. To assure that the appropriate Bemco expert is available to serve you, we recommend that you call (Telephone: 805-583-4970) or email (Email: applications@bemcoinc.com) in advance for an appointment.

We may not always be able to show you through our production area. Occasionally, due to the nature of our work, the confidential needs of our customers, or the dangers of some manufacturing operations, this area is temporarily closed to visitors. Please call in advance to assure that the production area is open.

Bemco Email Addresses

Commonly requested Email addresses at Bemco are:

Email Address
General bemco@bemcoinc.com

Bemco Fax and Mail Contact

The main contact number for all Faxes at Bemco is (805) 583-5033. Faxes of any size may be submitted.

Bemco's Main Mail Address
Bemco Inc.
2255 Union Place
Simi Valley, California 93065


Bemco's main telephone number is 805-583-4970. All telephone extensions at Bemco are answered by our receptionists. If you know the party you wish to speak to, please request them by name. If you are not sure whom you wish to speak to, please request that your call be directed to one of our departments. Additional information on the Department may be available by following the Link offered.

Bemco Departments
Accounts Payable
Field Installation

Local Directions

Bemco's factory is located at 2255 Union Place, Simi Valley, California 93065, USA. We are about 45 miles Northwest of the Los Angeles International Airport and 30 miles West of the Burbank Airport in Ventura County. A map showing the exit from the 118 Freeway (the Simi Valley Freeway or also known as the Ronald Reagan Freeway) can be downloaded by clicking here.

Bemco MapFrom the 118 Freeway take the North Madera Road Exit South, proceed South on North Madera Road past the railroad tracks, past a signal at West Easy Street to the next cross street, Moreland Road. Turn right (West) on Moreland Road and proceed down a long block to the first cross street, Union Place. Bemco is on the Southwest Corner of Moreland Road and Union Place. A picture of our building from this corner is shown at the top the page. Turn left (West) on Union Place and then make an immediate right (North) into the first driveway (below the Bemco sign on the building).

For pickups and deliveries, from the first driveway, proceed straight down the East side of building to the first large roll up door. Ring for service if the door is closed due to weather.

For Visitors and Vendors; from the first driveway you may park in any available spot with your car facing towards the street and enter in the center of the front of the Bemco building (the South side). One of our receptionists will greet you on the ground floor.

Delivery and Production Hours

Bemco's production group's standard hours begin at 7:00 AM and end at 3:30 PM, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Large scale deliveries requiring special handling or forklift assistance should be made within these hours. All delivery trucks are requested to first report to the Eastern most, roll up door along the side of Bemco's main building. This door is shown open in the above photograph. The parking apron on this side of the building, entered through the first driveway on Union Place, near the corner of Union Place and Moreland Road, is sized to easily accommodate full size, over width, 18 wheeler, semi tractor-trailor rigs.

Please confirm all large scale deliveries and pickups prior to arrival by calling our telephone number at 805-583-4970. Please ask to speak to our Shipping Department.

Employment at Bemco

We invite well above average, talented, and dedicated people with environmental test equipment, high vacuum, thermal vacuum, test laboratory, instrumentation, or custom process equipment experience - with a history of success - to submit their resume. We are also always looking for careful production craftsmen in the fields of sheet metal, welding, structural assembly, machining, refrigeration, electrical assembly, and field service.

If you think you might be good enough, please submit your resume to bemco@bemcoinc.com or contact us by Fax, Telephone, or Mail. Bemco is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Bemco Purchasing

Bemco's purchasing and parts department's standard hours also begin at 7:00 AM and end at 3:30 PM, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. At Bemco, we depend on the close cooperation and support of our vendors to assure that we make the optimum purchasing decisions for both ourselves and our customers. We expect quality, on time delivery, rapid response when we or our customers need it, and honesty about the characteristics and the potential problems with any buying decision we make.

Vendors are encouraged to present new parts, processes, and technologies for our consideration. We actively seek to provide our customers with the best possible product consistent with the product's function, reliability, and cost. You may submit any part, product, process, or technology for our consideration by Emailing us at purchasing@bemcoinc.com. As a general policy, we prefer documents in digital form. For smaller documents, < 2 Mb, please submit them formatted as Adobe .pdf files. For larger documents and catalogs, please submit by mail on CD (preferred) or in written form.

Bemco's Vendor Mail Address
Bemco Inc.
Attention: Purchasing
2255 Union Place
Simi Valley, California 93065

Vendors who wish to make an unsolicited technical presentation are encouraged to call for an appointment at telephone 805-583-4970. Please ask to speak with our purchasing department. When appropriate, our purchasing department will arrange for the proper technical personnel to attend your presentation.

All invoices for parts or services purchased by Bemco should be addressed to:

Bemco's Accounts Payable Mail Address
Bemco Inc.
Attention: Accounts Payable
2255 Union Place
Simi Valley, California 93065
Bemco Marketing

Bemco's Marketing Department is responsible for new product development, literature, trade shows, advertising, pricing, this web site, our sales organization, applications engineering, and promotional items. If you would like to contact us about any of these functions, please Email us at sales@bemcoinc.com or contact us by Fax, Telephone, or Mail.


Once a purchase order is issued, Bemco's Project Engineers work closely with your decision makers to assure that the systems we make match your requirements. All custom systems include at least a General Arrangement drawing for your approval prior to any system fabrication. We also advise you in advance of all utility requirements, floor space, and clearance needs, and any special provisions you must make to be ready for receiving the completed system.

Engineering documentation is prepared using Autodesk AutoCAD for 2D drawings, piping diagrams, and schematics. Documentation is normally provided in digital form in Adobe Acrobat format.

Due to the large number of computers that we have on line and the various software versions on some of them, we request that all information submitted for processing by our engineering department be in one of the following formats:

Adobe Acrobat .pdf Save all documents for .PDF format.
Autodesk, AutoCAD .dwg
Save all drawings as AutoCAD 2000/2000LT
Microsoft Excel .xls Save all documents for Excel 2000
Microsoft Powerpoint .ppt Save all document for Powerpoint 2000
Microsoft Word .doc Save all documents for Word 2000
SAT .sat "Standard ACIS Text," a 3D file format, ASCII Format

Many of our systems are equipped with the latest software available. If the formats requested present a problem, we can usually internally translate your files for use by the appropriate Bemco party.

If you do not know your Bemco Engineer's direct Email address, submit all documents to bemco@bemcoinc.com or contact us by Fax, Telephone, or Mail.

Applications Engineering

Our Bemco team of expert applications engineers is ready to assist you. We review your requirements, prepare specifications, and provide firm quotations and budget information. All of these services are free.

Our job is to help you find the perfect match to your testing or process needs. We routinely provide 2D and 3D computer aided illustrations and drawings, technical specifications, theoretical analysis in a number of engineering disciplines, pricing comparisons, and operating cost data.

A word of caution when comparing our quotations to any other information you may have. As a company policy, Bemco chambers really simulate the environments expected. We take your specifications and requirements literally. Our equipment actually does what we promise and you specify. The word of caution is; be careful what you ask for. Make sure you really want and need it. With Bemco, we promise you will get it. We take our motto very seriously. We are truly focused on Excellence.

Request a Quote, Short FormFor your convenience, an Adobe Acrobat "Request Form" is available to easily submit all the Data we routinely need to get started. You can download it (127 Kb) by clicking here. A longer and more detailed request form is also available. It contains a check list to help you in specifying Temperature, Temperature/Humidity, Temperature/Humidity/Altitude, Walk-in, Drive-in, and large test facilities. You can download the longer form here.

Adobe Reader LinkBemco's "Request Forms" are XML forms designed to take advantage of the features offered in Adobe Acrobat. These forms are interactive and require that you have Adobe Reader 6.0.2, Adobe Acrobat 6.0.2, or Adobe Professional 6.0.2, or later. You can obtain the Adobe 8 Reader for Windows XP for free by clicking on the link at left and following the instructions. You can also click on links at this address to obtain Adobe Reader for other platforms.

Bemco Applications FormWhen custom products are involved, we work with you to arrive at the system description and specifications that balance first cost, cost of ownership, performance, design, effectiveness of test, ease of use, and reliability. Unusual space simulators, thermal vacuum systems, fluid chillers, gas circulating systems; special environments like rain, wind, sunshine, explosion, centrifuge, hyperbaric; and combined environments such as temperature/vibration, temperature/acoustic, and sand and dust, are specified on a case by case basis.

When submitting your information, it is always helpful for us to know as much as possible. If you have drawings, photographs, written specifications, or details of your project or process you would like us to look at, please attach them to your Email, Mail, or Fax. If you submit using one of our Forms, you can send us a separate document with the attachments.

You can Email, (applications@bemcoinc.com), mail, telephone (805-583-4970), or FAX (805-583-5033) us.

Bemco's Applications Mail Address
Bemco Inc.
Attention: Applications
2255 Union Place
Simi Valley, California 93065
We look forward to hearing from you.

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