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The Bemco Story

A California Corporation founded in 1951 by a WWII combat P38 Lockheed Lightning pilot who served in Europe.

Bemco is the oldest environmental test equipment company under continuous ownership in the United States. If you include our Conrad/Missimer Division, this is our 75th year.

In 1958, Bemco made the first orbital space simulator in the United States. Many Bemco systems made in the 50's, 60' and 70's are still functioning reliably today.

In 1972, Bemco purchased Conrad/Missimer, the then industry leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers from Gulf and Western (now Viacom). Many of the unique products Bemco offers today, such as the Universal Test Machine, FTU and the Compact Temperature Chamber, FB1.5, came with this purchase.

Almost every US space program has in some part been tested in a Bemco Space Simulator, Bemcoil Thermal Shroud, or a Bemco manufactured Thermal Vacuum System.

Bemco products can be found in laboratories and test facilities all over the world in almost every industry including aerospace, defense, electronics, automobile, medical, and consumer products.

Today, Bemco continues to develop new products and skills. With the most experienced engineering and production staff in the industry, we are proud of the quality equipment we make.

Welcome to Bemco!

Thank you for visiting our web site. As our many current customers know, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Our motto is "Focused on Excellence" and that is exactly who we are. We manufacture the most reliable and highest quality equipment at affordable prices and we provide fast response quotations, technical assistance, and support on a professional yet personalized basis.

Bemco and Conrad/Missimer for 75 YearsThe environmental test chambers, space simulation systems, thermal shrouds, fluid chillers, gas conditioners, and many other products we make actually simulate or achieve the environments promised. We take your specifications and requirements literally.

To support our customers we offer full time field service, parts, and test technicians on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis.

Environmental Test and Space Simulation

Bemco FW30 Glass Front Humidity Chamber with Optional Recorder You have probably already noticed that we offer a more diverse product line than any other US manufacturer.  It is no secret why. We are celebrating our 55th year in continuous business!

In many areas we are the absolute market leader in both volume and quantity.  We are the number one manufacturer of factory assembled Space Simulators and Thermal Vacuum Systems.  We are also the highest volume worldwide vendor in high pressure liquid nitrogen cooled gas circulation systems and both mechanically and liquid nitrogen cooled aerospace grade Fluid and PAO (polyalphaolefin) chillers.

Bemco FTU, Universal Test Machine Temperature Chamber with Stand Bemco PAO-II Polyalpaolefin Fluid ConditionerBemcoil Shroud that housed the Apollo Capsule and Astronauts

We manufacture many unique products available only from Bemco.  Examples include our FW30 Glass Door Temperature Humidity chambers, our TS Rotary Thermal Shock chambers and our Bemcoil stainless steel thermal shrouds. In other cases our products are simply the best.  They are so carefully conceived and executed that many competitors copy our efforts.  Examples of these systems include the Bemco F, FNR and FHC temperature chambers, the A, AF and AFW altitude chambers, the FB1.5V and the FTU universal test machine chamber, originally conceived by our Conrad/Missimer Division in the 1960's.

The Kardburn - Koldburn glass door burn-in and temperature cycling chambers and the FS Series of three zone thermal shock chambers are original Bemco inventions. We make everything from the compact to the absolutely huge.

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Our Web Site is arranged so that you can review our available standard temperature, universal test, humidity, altitude, vibration, thermal shock, and walk-in chamber models by selecting to view our online "Model" description from the Button Set at the left of this page. You can also look at our standard systems for space simulation, thermal vacuum, fluid chillers, PAO conditioners, gas conditioners, high pressure gas servos, and thermal shrouds by following the same procedure. 

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Request Service FormWe always have some reconditioned Bemco products in stock. We also upgrade other manufacturer's equipment by replacing worn out or defective components or systems and dangerous or environmentally unfriendly fluids or refrigerants.  Click here to review our offering or click on the button at left.

Request Parts FormYou can order parts for Bemco, Conrad, Missimer, and Conrad/Missimer products from our large, on-hand parts inventory. We often supply quality replacement parts for other manufacturer's equipment, to service organizations, and our customers. Click here for additional details.

Go to Bemco Test Lab PageThe Bemco Test Lab offers environmental and space simulation contract testing in accordance with MIL-Standards as well as industrial and commercial specifications. We provide prototype and production testing to the standard environments as well as unusual process testing where custom systems and equipment are required.

Thank you again for visiting our Site!  You are also welcome at our factory.  We make custom equipment to your specifications.  If you have any questions, need assistance in preparing a specification, or have a technical problem you want help with, we are ready.  Our quotations and advice are free.

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