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AH Bulletin Download

AH Bulletin Download

A6H Space Simulators

Bemco A6H10 Mechanically Cooled Space Simulator

Bemco offers up-to-date space simulators incorporating all of the preferred features needed for reliable combined temperature and high vacuum testing.

The A6H series includes a fully integrated and appropriately sized PCL-III Portable Liquid Chiller utilizing liquid nitrogen for cooling. The PCL-III is mounted within the A6H system structure and permanently attached to the chamber thermal shroud. Mechanical cooling is available as an option. Please see the PCL section of this Web Site for additional information.

HPG-II High Pressure Gas Conditioners can be substituted for the standard PCL-III Portable Liquid Chiller if nitrogen gas circulation in the thermal shroud is desired. Bemco HPG Conditioners are similar to the Bemco PTS Portable Temperature Conditioners except they are designed for continuous operation at up to two atmospheres (29.4 psia) of pressure. This higher base operating pressure doubles the gas density per cfm of circulating gaseous nitrogen allowing the use of smaller connecting tubes while also increasing thermal capability. Please see the HPG section of this Web Site for additional information.

Each A6H system includes:

Bemco A6H10 Mechanically Cooled Space Simulator

The photo at left illustrates a standard A6H control panel complete with a microprocessor based, programmable, 1/4-DIN solid state, 256-step ramping temperature controller with a 4-line LCD interface display and a large red LED display. This instrument includes an RS232 and RS485 interface. The protocol is Modbus™. LabVIEW™ drivers are available. Also shown are Factory Mutual Approved high and low temperature safety controls with audible and visual alarms, added at no extra cost, and a Brooks Automation, Granville Phillips 375 Convectron Gauge Controller with its gauge tube.

The Granville Phillips 375 Convectron Gauge Controller is an industry standard that all similar gauges are compared to. This instrument includes individual gauge calibration by Granville Phillips, an easy to read 3 digit green LED display that automatically ranges, and optionally, an RS232 or RS485 interface. In addition there is a Stabil-Ion gauge controller and a graphic panel to allow convenient monitoring of system status.

Standard A6H Models
Temperature (1)
Pressure (2)
18 45.7 24 61
-55 to +150 C
5 x 10-6 Torr
24 61.0 24 61 -55 to +150 C 5 x 10-6 Torr
24 61.0 36 91.4 -55 to +150 C 5 x 10-6 Torr
30 76.2 36 91.4 -55 to +150 C 5 x 10-6 Torr
30 76.2 48 121.9 -55 to +150 C 5 x 10-6 Torr
36 91.4 48 121.9 -55 to +150 C 5 x 10-6 Torr
36 91.4 60 152.4 -55 to +150 C 5 x 10-6 Torr
42 106.7 60 152.4 -55 to +150 C 5 x 10-6 Torr
48 121.9 60 152.4 -55 to +150 C 5 x 10-6 Torr
48 121.9 72 182.9 -55 to +150 C 5 x 10-6 Torr

Inside Diameter, Inches
Inside Diameter, cm
Inside Length, Inches
Inside Length, cm

A6H Table Notes:

  1. Standard temperature range is based on a PCL-III Portable Fluid Chiller system range circulating d-Limonene using liquid nitrogen for cooling. Mechanical cooling and High Pressure Gas (HPG) using nitrogen gas with either liquid nitrogen cooling or mechanical cooling is optional.
  2. The pressure quoted is the working pressure. Ultimate pressure with a clean, dry, and empty system is 5 x 10-7 Torr. Higher ultimate vacuums using bakeout, dual or metal seals, and other high vacuum techniques are optionally available.


Optional Instruments

Available instrument options include:

Available Literature Includes:

AH Bulletin Download Bemco AH Series Space Simulation, Ultra High Vacuum, and Thermal Vacuum Systems. Coverage includes PCL-III Portable Liquid Chillers for cooling vacuum thermal shrouds, Bemcoil DE (double embossed stainless steel) Shrouds, Bemcoil FOS (flat one side) stainless steel shrouds and Bemco PV and MCT Poppet Valves and Traps. Document is 12 pages, 1,003 KB download.

The systems described above are our Standard Models. We make custom equipment to your specifications.  If you have any questions, need assistance in preparing a specification, or have a technical problem you want help with, we are ready.  Our quotations and advice are free.

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