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AF Altitude, Temperature/Altitude, and Temperature/Humidity/Altitude Chambers Literature Download

AF Altitude, Temperature/Altitude, and Temperature/Humidity/Altitude Chambers Literature Download

Altitude Indicators and Transducers

Bemco AI100 Altitude Indicator and Pressure Transducer

Bemco’s AI100 Altitude Indicator and Pressure Transducer provides a red, 5-digit scaled LED display of chamber or process Altitude, calibrated in feet or meters as well as a linear, scaled output of 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 VDC, or 0 to 10 VDC for use with other instruments including process controllers, recorders, and programmable logic controls.

Please specify your preference for feet or meters calibration and for output range.

The Bemco AI100 Altitude Indicator is furnished with a precise + or - 0.08% full scale, + or - 0.05% full scale typical, best straight line accuracy absolute pressure transducer for attachment to your process with a range of 0 to 15 PSIA and an output of 4 to 20 mA. The sensor features a 1/4-inch NPT connection and is furnished with a NIST (formally NBS) calibration certificate. Output from the sensor is digitally linearized within the Bemco AI100 using in excess of 200 data points and 20 non-linear spline fit segments. The instrument is usually set to display up to 100,000 feet or 30,480 meters. Maximum reading is 99999 feet. Altitude displayed is based on the 1976 "Standard Atmosphere" equations adopted by the United States Committee on Extension to the Standard Atmosphere (COESA), representing 29 U.S. scientific and engineering organizations including NOAA, NASA, and the USAF.

The AI100 operates from 95 to 240 VAC and includes its own internal power supply. The enclosure is a 1/8 DIN case (48 mm high x 96 mm wide x 112 mm deep behind the face) and meets NEMA 4X specifications when panel mounted. Connections are screw type and meet VDE, IEC, UL, and CSA safety standards.

Other instrumentation packages are available. Please submit your needs to your Bemco Applications Engineer.

Available Literature Includes:

AF Altitude, Temperature/Altitude, and Temperature/Humidity/Altitude Chambers Literature Download Bemco AF Series, Altitude, Temperature/Altitude, and Temperature/Humidity/Altitude Chambers. Eleven standard models and a large number of optional systems. Document is 8 pages, 643 KB download.

Altitude Conversion Table Bemco Altitude Table. Conversion Table from equivalent feet and kilometers to Torr (mmHg), kiloPascals (kPa), and pounds per square inch absolute. Covers -1,000 feet to +250,000 feet in 5,000 foot increments. The data presented is based on the "US Standard Atmosphere, 1976 jointly developed by NOAA, NASA, and the USAF. It is an idealized, steady state representation of the Earth's atmosphere that assumes an average value for gravity. Document is 1 page, 108 KB download.

The systems described above are our Standard Models. We make custom equipment to your specifications.  If you have any questions, need assistance in preparing a specification, or have a technical problem you want help with, we are ready.  Our quotations and advice are free.

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