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PAO Literature PDF

PAO Literature PDF

PAO-DII Fluid Distribution Panels

Bemco PAO-DII Distribution Panel

As a further convenience, we offer our PAO-DII Fluid Distribution Panels to individually distribute, monitor, and protect one or more of your valuable products from the higher than required flow of a larger second generation PAO-II Chiller.

You can also use PAO-DII Fluid Distribution panels with any other source of temperature controlled fluid including a Bemco PCL-III Portable Chiller. These systems are individually assembled to match the product being tested. They can be designed for mounting in standard Electronic Industries Association (EIA) 19” or 24” relay rack consoles or as free standing, wall, table, or floor mounted systems. They are usually divided into a Control Interface Panel and a Fluid Coolant Panel.

The Control Interface Panel can include:

  • A digital display of coolant flow calibrated in GPM interlocked with a flow transducer.
  • A digital display of coolant pressure interlocked with a precision pressure transducer.
  • A change filter indicator light interlocked with a micron size filter in the fluid supply to the device under test.
  • A mushroom process interlock with audible and visual alarm.
  • A system on-off switch.

The Fluid Coolant Panel can include:

  • Self sealing fluid supply and return quick disconnect connectors.
  • A multi-turn flow control valve.
  • A precision pressure regulator.
  • A coolant supply shutoff valve.
  • Device under test self sealing fluid quick disconnects.
Bemco PAO-DII Wall Mounted Panel

Often, a single unit is designed to distribute and control fluid to three or more loads simultaneously. Each one with their own regulator, flow isolation valve, pressure gauge or pressure transducer, display, and flow monitoring equipment. Fluid test ports, electronic temperature limit monitoring and alarm systems, automatic relief, and bypass unloading systems are also sometimes selected.

These types of units are offered for use with both the Bemco PCL-III portable fluid conditioners and the Bemco PAO-II fluid circulating systems. Many of the instrumentation options described on the PCL-III and PAO-II Pages on this Web Site are can also be mounted on PAO-DII Fluid Distribution Panels.

These panels can also be used with other manufacturer's equipment.

Available Literature Includes:

PAO Literature PDF Bemco PCL and PAO Series, Portable Liquid Chillers and Polyalphaolefin (PAO) Liquid Chillers. These units provide a flow of temperature controlled fluid or Polyalphaolefin liquid. Nine standard circulating fluids including d-Limonene, FC77 Flourinert, Galden, Lexol 408, Paratherm CR, Coolanol and PAO. Eight standard model Portable Liquid Chillers and ten standard model PAO Carts. Fluid distribution panels are also discussed. Document is 8 pages, 651 KB download.

The systems described above are our Standard Models. We make custom equipment to your specifications.  If you have any questions, need assistance in preparing a specification, or have a technical problem you want help with, we are ready.  Our quotations and advice are free.

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