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LDF Thermal Enclosures

LDF Thermal Enclosures

Thermal Enclosures

Bemco LDP Thermal Enclosure with Hinged Doors and Walls

Bemco LDP Thermal Enclosures are always custom. They are environmental enclosures constructed using the techniques normally employed with Bemco's LDF Series of Wide Range Expendable Refrigerant, FL-I Series of Integral Walk-in, and FL-M Series of Modular Walk-in Chambers. The LDP enclosure illustrated at left has hinged stainless steel doors, with the protective paper still in place, and hinged sides to allow full interior access.

LDP Thermal Enclosures are primarily intended for use with Bemco PTS-V Portable Servo Conditioners and PITC-70/177C Plug-in Temperature Conditioners. They provide a factory assembled process, product, or test thermal enclosure optimized for a specific purpose. They can also be furnished with conductive baseplates or Bemcoil shrouds, thermally conditioned by Bemco PCL-III Portable Liquid Chillers, or Bemco HPG High Pressure Gas Conditioners. Systems of this type are selected when low temperatures are needed on the baseplate or shroud while condensation from the surrounding ambient air must be kept to a minimum.

Modular and Integral Enclosures

Bemco LDP Thermal Enclosure with Removable Sections

Bemco integral chambers, such as the LDF, and FL-I models, include a heliarc welded, 300 Series stainless steel inner liner, fiberglass insulation, and a structural steel supported carbon steel outer case finished in Bemco blue. Stainless steel and other exterior materials are also available. No asbestos is used in chamber construction.

Bemco modular prefabricated chambers, such as the FL-M models, are assembled from sectional panels using metal inner and outer skins bonded to a core of rigid polyurethane insulation. At least three heavy duty cam-action locks are provided on each side panel. Chamber size is unlimited, however, exact room dimensions must conform with the sectional panel sizes offered. These panels come in 11-1/2”, 23”, and 46” standard widths in various heights. Rooms can be constructed as large as needed and can include partitions and antechambers. Standard chamber access doors include a heated frame, a window, and an in-fitting or flush main door to positively seal the workspace. Large equipment loading doors are constructed by Bemco using integral welded chamber construction techniques to maintain alignment and structural rigidity.

Since the PTS or PITC conditioning equipment is reusable, the cost of the facilities per enclosure is much less than purchasing a purpose built environmental testing system with built-in conditioning equipment. These system can include any of the options available with the LDF Series of Wide Range Expendable Refrigerant, FL-I Series of Integral Walk-in, or FL-M Series of Modular Walk-in Chambers.

Thermal Conditioning

Bemco LDP, FTU Style Temperature Chamber with Bias HingeBemco LDP, FTU Style Chamber with Unusual Door

With PTS-V Portable Servo Conditioners, ducts can be provided to route chamber air to any location on the chamber wall. Internal air baffling can be placed to internally circuit the air for optimum results. Shown at left is a Bemco FTU style LDP Thermal Enclosure with a bias hinge at the back left edge and a custom FTU style chamber with an unusual lift-up door design.

Air distribution control panels and instrumentation packages to monitor your process, product, or test; integrated with an LDP enclosure are available. Some of these options are discussed on the PTS (Portable Temperature Servo) page of this web site. Bemco HPG, High Pressure Gas Servos, are offered for those applications that require higher pressures or more pressure drop in the air loop. Please request an analysis of your needs from your Bemco Applications Engineer.

Available Literature Includes:

LDF Chamber Bulletin Bemco LDF Series, Expendable Refrigerant Temperature Chambers. Document is triple fold front and back, 2 pages, 319 KB download.

FL Bulletin Download Bemco FL Series Walkin Integral and Modular Rooms. Temperature, humidity and altitude, integrally constructed and prefabricated walk-in environmental test equipment, drive-in room and environmental test facilities from 6 feet by 6 feet by 7 feet to large building sized systems. Document is 8 pages, 674 KB download.

PTS Bulletin Download Bemco PTS and HPG Series, Portable Temperature Servo Conditioners and High Pressure Gas Servo Conditioners. PTS Servos provide a closed loop flow of controlled temperature air or gas and HPG High Pressure Gas Servos provide a flow of temperature controlled high pressure gas. HPG gas conditioners are commonly used with Space Simulator thermal shrouds. Maximum standard temperature range is -185 C to +150 C. Higher temperatures are available on request. Sixteen standard PTS and twelve standard HPG models are available. Gas distribution panels are also discussed. Document is 8 pages, 676 KB download.

We make custom equipment to your specifications.  If you have any questions, need assistance in preparing a specification, or have a technical problem you want help with, we are ready.  Our quotations and advice are free.

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